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I understand the difference between style and design. Many web developers & designers mistake style for design. Great design communicates on every level. It tells you where you are, cues what you can do, and helps you get it done. Style is an important aspect of this, especially in business, as style has a language all its own and can speak volumes about you and your brand. This makes it a very important aspect of design! I can help you achieve a balance of both on your project.
Logo Design Example
Design Example 1: Peterson Produce Logo

Peterson Produce is a century old family farm in our area that is very well known, so when they came to me to design their website, I was honored. In my first meeting with Jean Peterson, she brought a business card and her ideas on paper. I saw her business card was not doing all it could do and they needed a logo, so I immediately set out designing her one. Within an hour she was beaming at the results. That day she had a new business card designed, and she had a logo she was proud to use that really stood for what their farm is about. It's not just the sun, earth and produce that make their farm special, it is the warm friendly way they do everything there. If you are ever in the area when growing is in season, you owe it to yourself to stop by and get a few veggies - tell them Matt sent you and recommended you try their amazing Red Pepper Jelly that Jean makes fresh every year. See the Peterson Produce Logo Full Size

Website Design Example
Design Example 2: AutomaticBuilder Home Page

One of the challenges of success, is it can scatter your resources and the last thing you want to do, is make it hard for your customers to find what they are looking for. This may seem obvious, but along the way as your business grows, this often happens. One afternoon in my discussions with Art & Rob of AutomaticBuilder, they were talking about how many different sites the business had grown into and it had become challenging for new customers to find everything. So that night I created a solution and the next morning presented it to them. After making a few adjustments to the header graphics to their liking, the design was done and put to use that week. Staff and customers were shocked as to how fast and high-quality the solution was created and implimented, literally almost overnight. I have had a long and profitable relationship with Art & Rob and I look forward to my continued work with them. Visit their Website

Flash Design Example
Design Example 3: Flash, Dragon, Rock & Roll

As a designer, sometimes you just have to jump into style with both feet, and roll around in it. This was a project I did for myself that is more about style than design. This was a self-indulgent project where I geeked out and got to play with a dragon, lightning, fire and rock and roll. And these are a few of my favorite things... It was really just a good excuse to get more in depth with the Flash medium and all the drama, theater, visual interest and effects it can bring to a web page. I hope you enjoy it!. Please don't burn yourself on the menu. Play with Fire

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