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Online Business Marketing & Strategy

The online game has changed. Have you kept up? So many changes happen on the web each year. Five years ago, before most people even heard of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more, the whole online landscape was going through big changes. And since people are spending more time and more money online, if you don't have a plan to help turn them into customers, before someone else does, you're going to be left out of the game. Instead of throwing around a bunch of buzzwords, like I see so many people do, trying to look like they understand the online market, I will say this. Some of the learning curve is trial and error or what marketers like to call "testing". I have done enough of it to know what works, and can help you sort out the good options from the bad ones so we can implement a business plan that delivers the goods and helps your business grow, while protecting your brand, your reputation and your wallet.


Analytics and Tracking

Internet marketing offers more tracking and analytics than any other kind of marketing before it, and as a result can give greater insight into what's working and what's not, helping you to weed out what's not working from what is producing sales. Google spends over $20 Billion Dollars a year on various market studies and tests and shares a lot of what they learn with marketers. Keeping up on that kind of information gives me an insight into the online process that helps me do the voodoo that I do. From constantly testing different kinds of advertising, ads, content and copy I have an informed understanding of how to both choose which channels your business would best be suited to, along with knowing different pitfalls or problems to avoid, saving you time, money and frustration.


Social Media

Social Media may not make your business, but it can certainly break it. Instead of citing a bunch of examples you can easily find in the news, I'll say this: social media is probably the most mis-understood and often mis-used channel that people bring their business to. If you are uncertain how to use it to warm people to your brand, develop a fan base and even use it to promote, I can help. Just having a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any number of other Social Media accounts will not get you much, but it can be a great vehicle to groom and communicate with your customer base, giving your customers or prospects easy access to you, and protect your brand name, so someone can't pretend to be you or your company. This is a medium that has been in constant flux for 5 years and continues to shift, change and grow. I have seen talented agencies go in to advertise on Facebook and leave with nothing besides a $5,000.00 dent in their wallet. I can help you avoid these problems and structure smart, productive solutions that can help channel the giant that Social Media has become to an asset for your business, instead of a drain. I can help keep you from looking like this guy.



There are over 130 Million Blogs on the internet. About 95% of them have been abandoned, meaning their authors have given up using them. So does Blogging work? Well, blogging CAN add about 10% to the traffic coming to your site. Yes, I know there are exceptions, but for most businesses it averages out to 10%. Is blogging even worth doing? I think it adds some user friendly publishing features, and can help you with SEO (search engine optimization) and if done right, can help warm prospects to you. What can it do for your Business? By using it as an information feed and a way to let prospects get to know you better before contacting you, it can be very helpful. Is it essential? Not to me. I think it can be a valuable addition to your internet marketing efforts when done right, and a waste of time otherwise. Let me show you how to do it right and how easy it can be to add to your toolkit.


Search Engine Optimization

Ranking higher in the search engines for free. Sounds great, doesn't it? Except which keywords do you really want to rank under? Which ones are more likely to bring you customers (and worth ranking under) vs. the ones that were a waste of time and money to get ranked in. I can show you a clear plan for how to figure out the words worth ranking under, and I know how to get you to the top without getting sandboxed or cheating. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who bends the rules and gets your site banned from Google. Getting banned off the largest search engine in the world is bad, very bad. And I'm happy to say, it's never happened to me or any of my clients.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising can be an amazing tool when done right, and an expensive lesson when done wrong. I have researched, developed, and managed a number of successful campaigns, both for global and local businesses. I can help you setup your pay-per-click advertising to be done right from the start and save you a ton of time and money, or revise a campaign that not's working into one that actually brings business, not just charges on your account.



You might have the best product or service in the world, but if you don't know how to write about it so that your readers turn into buyers, you're not going far. Copywriting is both a skill and a talent. If you want help with the writing for your site, brochure, banners, press release, promotion, etc. I can help!

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