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I have a wide variety of talents, all developed with one goal, to be able to produce the means to get the results. Here are some examples of what I can do:

Websites & Content Creation, Copywriting

Savage Street Machines Website   Peterson Produce Website   Amazing Spaces Website   BetterWebBuilder Website   The Berry Tree Website
Dan Metz Art Website   Guardian Advisors USA Website   BNA Convention Website   Greenzone Website   AutomaticBuilder Website


Animation & Flash

Sky Collage Animation   Large Demand Animation   BWB Logo Animated   Your Web Grows Animation   Digital World Animated
The Berry Lounge Flash Website   Steps to Well Being Flash Website   AB Ezine Flash Website   Red Lips Green Heart Flash Website   Matthew Yonan Dragon Flash Website


Full Video Production

The Berry Tree Free Trial Intro Video   Berry Greens Boost Video   The Berry Tree Promo Video   BNA Advantage Overview Video   Building Strategy Video
BetterWebBuilder Welcome Video   How to Make Money with BWB Video   BetterWebBuilder Gold Video   Networkers Love BetterWebBuilder Video   Mafia Wars Legion Promo Video


Graphic Design – Branding & Logos

The Berry Tree Logo Design   Peterson Produce Logo Design   Guardian Advisors Logo Design   Parenting Together Logo Design   Greenzone Logo Design


Internet Marketing – SEO, PPC, Social Media

Successful internet marketing is not learned quickly or easily. I have paid my dues to know how to rank websites, develop successful Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaigns for a variety of budgets, and even have developed websites that produce a monthly income from Google Adsense using free traffic that resulted from ranking the website in certain keywords. I recently researched, tested, and developed a multi-media manual which will be published and for sale soon through BetterWebBuilder and it's network of affiliates on "How to Promote Your Business on Facebook". I can help develop a internet marketing strategy that makes sense and works for your specific business. I can then turn that strategy into a specific plan that will protect and grow your business, your reputation and your wallet.


Business & Marketing Strategy

I have started a number of different businesses from scratch, designed and produced various product packaging, ad campaigns in a variety of media online and off, have pitched to venture capitalists and gave presentations in front of hundreds and even thousands of people on a regular basis. My business and marketing acumin have been forged from the fires of experience and are not something you learn out of a book or at school. Being able to get the job done in business is usually what separates the successful from the failures, and I hope you can see from looking through my portfolio, I can deliver when it counts. Being business minded means I am aware of the bottom line and know what it means to be in your shoes. I look forward to adding your projects to my showcase and helping you build your business, so you can continue to use mine.


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