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Full Video Production

From a rough idea to finished video and anywhere in between, I can get it done. Planning, scripting, shooting, building a soundtrack, editing, animation, titling, packaging, all the way to post production of your video and output onto DVD or into a variety of web formats ready for immediate delivery, I can handle any of your video production needs. As you will see when you review the design section of my site, I know the difference between style and substance, and this shows in my video work. I only use effects to enhance the point or the message of the video, not just to show off my great collection of transitions, or cool new effects. I will help you convey your message and make sure it doesn't get lost in production, no matter how long or short.
Logo Design Example
Video Example 1: Animate BetterWebBuilder Logo

Designing a static logo is one thing. Bringing it to life with animation is another. The style and design of what the animation should do is ADD to the expression of the logo, and help communicate more to the viewer about the brand. The BetterWebBuilder Logo combines a "Global Web" motif with their brand name. They are a web marketing company that provides tools so that people can build a global network. What I wanted to convey with the animation is the speed which their system helps you build a the network, and the explosion of profits that can result. One of their products is their Gold Marketing System so I used gold stars to suggest that. I thought the reveal of the logo should feel a bit like magic, which is really what it feels like when web tools like theirs work. As you will see, I use this animated piece in their videos as a way to introduce or bring in the logo. Watch the Magic Happen

Website Design Example
Video Example 2: Animate Digital World Background

As I began to produce the videos to be used in BetterWebBuilder, I wanted to bring in elements from their website and really make those visual themes come alive in their videos. As a way to provide visual interest and also convey more about their brand. As you can see at the top of the picture, they use a static "digital world" backdrop behind their logo in the header of their website. Shown below it is the animated backdrop I built to mirror the look of that, with a 3 dimensional turning globe and rotating elements. This makes an excellent backdrop adding visual interest and impact to text driven segments of the video. I suggest to see it by itself, before you see how it's used in one of their videos.
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Flash Design Example
Video Example 3: Full Video Production

Here is the completed video where you will see the animated logo and digital world backdrop and how they work in a final project. I handled every aspect of this video's production, from helping with planning & scripting, building the soundtrack, editing and producing the video, all the way to converting it into Flash video for streaming from their site as well as uploading it in High Definition to YouTube.
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